Customer Support

At Xaccel Networks, we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best support in the virtual server hosting marketplace. Our company is owned and operated by IT experts and professional support agents – not salespeople simply looking to push service offerings down your throat.

Over the years, we have left the door of communication wide open to better understand what our clients desire, and we continually strive to meet those needs. We believe that if we create a superior infrastructure with excellent support and first-rate service, then satisfied customers are guaranteed. Not only does Xaccel Networks have the technology, but the expert staff to aid in the deployment and continuous management of your virtual server.

Your Business is Our Priority

We understand that you demand access and availability at all times. This not only holds true for your system, but our support staff as well.

Xaccel Networks provides you with peace of mind from knowing your virtual server hosting solution is backed by a team of expert system administrators and support personnel. Our staff can effectively manage any technical problem that arises.

Whether it is hardware failure, network outage or even a natural disaster, our team of professionals are waiting and prepared to handle any challenge. Our support staff can be reached day or night to provide the quality assistance your business needs to excel.

To contact support please call 201.806.2602 and hit option 4 or email us at