xMPLS Exchange Network

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) has changed the industry landscape for telecommunications carriers but has not been fully utilized for what it was envisioned to do. Additionally MPLS does not solve carrier needs for layer 2 coverage, which is why Xaccel created the MPLS Exchange Network and Extended Virtual Wide Area Network (evWAN), a gateway to realizing the full potential of MPLS; a cost effective and efficient method of aggregating multiple carrier networks over a single Network to Network Interface (NNI).

The Challenge

Legacy off-net connectivity solutions increase capital and operational expenditures, time to market and infrastructure investment risks, while limiting the potential for global reach.

The Opportunity

Access to Xaccel’s MPLS Exchange Network and an option to implement an evWAN for fully transparent Layer 2 Ethernet services over its Enhanced Ethernet Network to Network Interface (eeNNI).

The Benefits

Access to the xMPLS, and evWAN, enabling fast and seamless connectivity to global markets and facilities that have traditionally been costly or difficult to manage and the ability to add end-to-end Quality of Service (QoS) and Committed Information Rate (CIR) which can be policed throughout the core and down to the customer premise. Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) can be added and kept locally to any location world-wide. A single NNI offers access into hundreds of markets and tens of thousands of lit buildings globally while reducing infrastructure investment and market risks.

Transparent Last Mile Access

Carriers can connect enterprise customers in global markets via Type 1 and Type 2 access via Layer 3 on the MAP and via Layer 2 using evWAN “Last Mile” Ethernet Access speeds ranging from 1 MB to 10GIG or Ethernet over Time-Division Multiplexing (EoTDM) / Ethernet over Synchronous Optical Network (EoSonet), traditional TDM converted to Ethernet, as well as Next Generation connectivity such as 3G and 4G can also be used for access.

Implementation: evWAN Layer 2

Connecting locations into evWAN using Vlan transparency is accomplished via point-to-point Ethernet, EoTDM, and EoSonet EoTDM Layer 2 private circuits.

Implementation: xMPLS Layer 3, MPLS

Carrier customers can choose to utilize existing MPLS network connections, in place of new private circuits. Implementation: Layer 3, Tunnelled Customers can choose to utilize broadband (Internet) connections such as Cable, FiOS, 3G, 4G, etc., in place of new private circuits, through Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) or Internet Protocol Security (IPSec) virtual tunnel interfaces.


The increased flexibility and scalability from the xMPLS not only decreases Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) but also increases the potential for greater and quicker returns.

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