Accelerate Your Business Communications with Xaccel VoIP.

Having a systematic communications structure is more important than ever in today’s rapidly changing business economy.  While technology has brought forth a myriad of connectivity options, organizations are increasingly seeking fast and reliable networks that offer the ability to extend their reach at reasonable rates.

Alongside a vast selection of virtual server hosting packages, Xaccel  offers managed telephony solutions with connections to industry-leading PBX vendors.  Our fully managed services are finely tuned to deliver all the performance, reliability and security needed to ensure that your business communications continue to flow with the maximum efficiency.

We shoulder the technical challenges and labor-intensive burdens, handling the migration, installation, deployment, and maintenance – while you simply tend to the day-to-day tasks required to run your business.  Xaccel  offers comprehensive service level agreements, helping you rest easy by knowing your essential communications are managed by a dedicated team of technical experts.

Enterprise Solutions at Startup Prices

When selecting Xaccel as your managed PBX service provider, you enter a partnership with a world-class integrator equipped with both telecommunications and networking expertise. Our dedicated team of professionals has the knowledge and access to the tools needed to migrate your existing voice network, incorporate and support additional hardware, and provide affordable service upgrades to accommodate the growing requirements of your business.

By leveraging a state of the art infrastructure, we provide you with a highly reliable hosted PBX solution to ensure you needs are consistently met.

For more information please call our Sales Department at 201.806.2602 option 1 or email us at sales@xaccel.net.