Virtual Fileserver

Create a Collaborative Document Environment with our Virtual File Servers

More small businesses are coming to discover that maintaining virtual file servers is far less labor intensive than the physical hardware in their offices.  These virtual systems help to reduce costs on hardware upgrades, as well the expense that comes along with maintaining the equipment on a regular basis.

By turning to virtualization technology, you can eliminate the daily grind of maintaining your file servers internally.  Xaccel Networks offers virtual file servers that are actively monitored and backed up to ensure that availability is no longer an issue for your organization.

Who Needs a Virtual File Server?

Virtual file servers are perfect for companies, workgroups, individuals, and even the mobile workforce.  Our robust solutions give you the power to comprehensively edit, share, synchronize and maintain all of your essential files with streamlined, centralized efficiency.  These tasks are performed in secured and effortless fashion, capable of eliminating both time and capacity restraints.

While some file collaborative systems limit you to web-based access, our virtual file servers are always available to you, stored on both our central server and the local hard drive of your computer.  Completely transparent to the user, this highly scalable distributed file system offers fast, easy and reliable access to your most important documents.

An Enterprise Solution You can Afford

Xaccel provides competitively priced and valuable virtual file servers for organizations and individuals that require an enterprise-class file system at rock-bottom rates.  As an added bonus, we handle all the hard work and will help you get set up quickly while you focus on managing your assets.

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