Accelerate Your Business at Virtual Speed

Virtualization is rapidly changing the way IT resources are deployed and how businesses operate today.  This amazing software technology allows an organization to dramatically reduce its IT management requirements and cost complexities due to its distinct ability to support multiple operating systems and applications on a single physical server.  It can also aid in prioritizing critical business needs and maximizing resources by quickly migrating workloads from one virtual environment to the next.

Whether you have a small company that is simply trying to get the most from its existing IT resources or a large corporation that needs a little more flexibility, Xaccel’s virtual server hosting plans offer the best of virtualization technology to accommodate the needs of your budget, staff and organization.

Expert Insight

Xaccel has formed partnerships with industry-leading software vendors and hardware manufacturers to effectively deliver the power of virtualization to environments of all sizes.  In addition, the skills of our expert technicians enable us to provide the valuable guidance and insight to efficiently assess the needs of your organization and precisely devise a suitable solution. 

The Keys to Virtual Our Success

The foundation beneath each of our virtual server packages is designed to simplify the process of implementation and administration while making sure your company benefits from maximum flexibility, security and performance.  This is made possible by utilizing the best breed of Sun Microsystems server hardware and an SASE 16 SOC 3 certified data center tailored for hosting crucial virtual server solutions.

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