Virtual Office

Enhance Flexibility and Boost Productivity in the Workplace

Due to the widespread availability of electronic and digital media, virtual offices are becoming a more viable solution for addressing company staffing needs. Xaccel Networks offers virtual office solutions that not only deliver a tremendous value, but create an extended and efficient office environment that will help your business enjoy substantial savings. This type of service makes the perfect solution for the startup, small or home-based business looking to expand into new markets in a risk-free manner.

Product Overview

  • Virtual Desktops – Our Virtual Desktop infrastructure is powered by a virtual server architecture built on the best breed of HP ProLiant Blade hardware, Samsung, LG and 10Zig Zero Client Appliances. With a Virtual Desktop, you can access your desktop from anywhere in the world equipped with an internet connection.

Pricing starts at $95.00 per month per Virtual Windows 10 PCoIP Desktop with Microsoft Office 2016.

Sign up for a 2 year agreement and get free LG PCoIP 21″ Zero Clients. Our Virtual Desktop offering covers all maintenance and management so you have a fixed cost for your IT needs.

Zero upfront costs.

Antiquated PC”s? Before purchasing new ones give us a call @ 201.806.2602 ext 1.

Not sure if you want to lose control over your systems? Xaccel has hybrid systems that we can install on your premise and give you the same cost savings, features and benefits as a hosted solution.

Call us @ 201.806.2602 ext 1

Samsung SyncMaster NC190 Plug and play unit with integrated PC-over-IP® technology

  • Virtual File Servers – When opting of our virtual file servers, you get an added peace of mind by knowing that your files are being maintained in a secure data center. This allows you to save considerably on costly upgrades and weekly on-site technicians.

Your Virtual Assistant Awaits

A virtual office gives you access to a well-structured private office and first-class support while helping to keep your overhead to minimum. Most importantly, it can help your organization project a stellar business image. With the right company behind you, these services make a valued alternative to maintaining a full-time office. Also, you can rely on a dependable remote environment that can virtually be deployed overnight.

Xaccel Networks’ virtual office solutions will take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks – while you focus solely on developing your business, increasing productivity and profits.