Virtual Desktops

Reclaim Control of Your Business with Our Virtual Desktop Solutions

Xaccel Networks’ extensive desktop management infrastructure and expertise make it easy to develop, implement, secure and control a virtual desktop throughout its entire life cycle.  Our solutions enhance performance by serving users the content they want, while retaining the adequate security and flexibility required to run a successful business.

The Best in Virtualization Technology

Xaccel Networks virtual desktop solutions couple the winning attributes of centralized administration and distributed local computing power with the flexibility of desktop and laptop clients.  Able to integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure, our services empower you to greatly enhance business productivity and customer satisfaction in a comprehensive and user-friendly manner.

Powered by VMware View and our underlying virtual server hosting platform, you are assured cutting-edge performance and reliability from our world-class infrastructure and technology provided by the recognized leader in desktop virtualization.

A Winning Solution for the Mobile Workforce

Desktop Virtualization presents an array of powerful opportunities that enable information technology to deliver and manage business desktops, while promptly responding to fast changing user requirements.  These solutions are the wave of the future, as they allow users to travel with their desktop resources without the use of any physical hardware.  Users need not worry about location, as files and applications can be retrieved and maintained from any computer, anywhere in the world.

Organizations across various industries trust Xaccel Networks to provide the enterprise desktop virtualization technology required to support their extended workforce.  Our expert services assure tightened security and enhanced flexibility over business-critical resources and confidential information to keep you feeling at ease.

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