Server Monitoring

Server Monitoring

Xaccel’s Managed Services for servers delivers 24/7 performance monitoring, management and proactive maintenance by experienced, certified administrators. Windows updates and performance-intensive proactive maintenance on servers are delivered during non-core business hours to minimize impact on user productivity.

There are two levels of Xaccel Managed Services for Windows servers: Proactive and Managed.

Proactive Xaccel Managed Services include monitoring and alerting, Windows operating system security and critical patch updates and anti-virus definition updates to keep servers safe and optimized for performance.

Managed Xaccel Managed Services build on Proactive Xaccel Managed Services by adding remote troubleshooting and remediation support for Windows and Linux machines.

Bundled Tools and PSA Integration
At both the Proactive and Managed level, Xaccel’s Services leverage multiple tools to automate time-consuming manual activities and improving workflows, leading to greater efficiency and technician utilization. Xaccel’s software will be installed on all of the managed servers for monitoring, maintenance and patch management. Xaccel’s Endpoint Security Manager can be used on an optional basis for anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Xaccel’s Managed Services offer two-way integration with the Xaccel’s ticketing system for seamless communication of trouble tickets.

Xaccel Managed Services for  Servers

  • Monitoring and alerting for servers.
  • Alert filtering/de-duplication, validation and escalation
  • Anti-virus updates validated (Trend/Symantec/McAfee & Endpoint Security Manager); Included Endpoint Security Manager (optional) for Windows servers
  • Deployment of Windows Operating System/Internet Explorer/Office security patches
  • Two-way integration with Xaccel Support Ticketing System or access to portal for case tracking and metrics reports
  • Executive dashboard (web portal)
  • Asset inventory reporting
  • Health checks for Exchange and Active Directory
  • Remediation of operating system or Exchange or Active Directory

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