SASE 16 SOC 3 Virtual Server Hosting

For organizations with highly sensitive business data, traditional hosting solutions often are not sufficient.  These companies generally require the services of a hosting firm operating out of an SASE 16 SOC 3 certified data center facility.  States on Auditing Standards No.70, most commonly referred to as SASE 16 SOC 3, is a global auditing standard created by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

Service providers that obtain this certification have met the strict standards by passing a thorough audit of their control objectives and activities, including the controls that preside over information technology and various other related technologies.  These audits are performed by reputable independent bodies that ensure the policies needed to comply with SASE 16 SOC 3 are valid and enforced.

Our SASE 16 SOC 3 Status

A responsible virtual server hosting service provider, Xaccel Networks can provide a copy of its SASE 16 SOC 3 audit report to verify that our IT controls and relative processes are valid and appropriate for critical business needs.  All of our policies have gone through in-depth audits to ensure that we are compliant and consistent with the documented standards.  Continuous SASE 16 SOC 3 audits demonstrate that Xaccel Networks is maintaining its policies and procedures in order to keep them current as information technology and business requirements evolve.

What this Means to You

As a Xaccel Networks customer, you get the peace of mind by knowing that all the features of our data center are specially designed to support mission-critical business operations.  We offer a wide variety of virtual server and managed hosting services with a flexible, highly scalable architecture in place.  We are proud to simultaneously remain SAS 70 Type II compliant and satisfy the needs of our loyal clients.

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