Novell GroupWise

Connecting to the Novell GroupWise

Email Server

Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive software is installed behind your firewall and connects to the GroupWise server using GroupWise Connector, which allows the archive to capture emails and attachments from the server on a scheduled or real-time (journal) archiving basis. Using the SOAP API, Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive ensures complete message capture. In addition, Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive registers with the GroupWise server as a Trusted Application by using the Trusted Application key.

Managing the Archive

Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive automates your policies to streamline information management processes. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive also supports clustered email servers—all the archive needs is a connection to one of the clustered servers. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive self-monitors storage space and critical processes and sends alert messages to the administrator.

E-Directory and Managing Users

Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive connects to E-Directory to collect user information. The email archive will automatically assess the E-Directory before every archiving transaction to check for added users. Once users are added, the archive administrator can begin creating policies and applying them to users based on location, department or individual roles. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive can archive Public Folders, along with users’ mailbox folders and group information, allowing the administrator to select what mailboxes and folders to archive.

Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive will never delete a user from the archive, even if that user has been removed from the E-Directory. The archive administrator can remove the user from the archive, or, as is usually the case, the administrator can simply disable archiving for that user and assign the users’ archived files to a current employee to manage.

Indexing and Searching

Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive creates an index for every piece of data that enters the archive, providing near-immediate results for users’ queries. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive’s built-in search engine provides full-text keyword and key phrase searching, proximity and fuzzy search, as well as searching according to a range of metadata. Save results in a basket or refine results by searching with additional terms. Restore emails to their original location with the click of a button; you can also print or send archived emails or attachments. The search engine also provides an audit trail, with access and search reports.

Archive Access

Access Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive through our browser-based GUI, which is extremely intuitive for end-users and administrators alike. There is no need to attend ‘archiving classes’ to understand layers of tabs, pop-ups, jargon or other complications.

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