Microsoft SharePoint

Empower Your Collaborative Environment with SharePoint

Having the right set of collaboration tools has become increasingly important in today’s mobile and global business environment.  Created by software giant Microsoft, Windows SharePoint streamlines a wide variety of team-orientated collaborative process throughout the office environment and across the world.  Via an intuitive web-based interface, your organization is provided with access to powerful tools for project collaboration, file sharing, and meeting management, as well as a dynamic platform for developing web applications and services.


Why Choose Hosted SharePoint?

The rich features and superior functionality of Windows SharePoint make this software a must-have product for virtually any company.  However, the expense and complexity of creating and implementing the resources to maintain this solution in-house can be prohibitive to the small and mid-sized-business.  This is why hosted services have become such a popular option for smaller organizations that require all the collaborative power SharePoint has to offer.

Xaccel Networks makes this powerful business tool available to the smallest of companies, maintaining all the complex technical details – all while putting a special focus on the security and reliability needed to achieve the utmost in high performance and availability.

Why Choose Xaccel Networks?

The use of SharePoint can help your employees collaborate on projects without having to leave the Microsoft Office environment.  The program can significantly boost productivity without the team needing to learn new tools.  These benefits can only be obtained when critical elements such as interoperability, scalability, security and reliability are there to ensure a successful implementation.

Xaccel Networks has the reliable infrastructure, data center environment and IT expertise your business needs to get the most from a hosted SharePoint solution.

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