Manage Hosting

Your trusted partner for Virtual Server and Managed Hosting

Xaccel Networks portfolio of managed hosting services will provide your organization with direct access to a world-class infrastructure, enabling you to maximize your IT investments while comfortably scaling to meet rapidly evolving business demands. By freeing you from a costly in-house infrastructure and all the technically challenging burdens that come along with it, your business will become more flexible.  With our services, you enjoy the ability to quickly adapt to constantly changing market conditions. At Xaccel Networks, our goal is to deliver stellar service that allows you to stay focused on your most essential business imperatives.

We currently offer some of the most of diverse and comprehensive managed hosting solutions on the market.

Hosted Microsoft Exchange – Microsoft Exchange Server

Microsoft Exchange and Exchange Server offers a suite of  tools businesses require to maintain efficient email access, while providing adequate security and helping satisfy requirements for e-discovery and compliance.

Hosted Microsoft SharePoint

Xaccel’s hosted SharePoint services offers a cost-effective way to deploy and maintain a high-performance collaborative environment through an intuitive web-based interface and a wealth of tightly integrated management tools.

Hosted Microsoft CRM

Xaccel’s Hosted Microsoft CRM Services offers a cost-effective way to deploy and maintain a high-performance customer relationship management system through an intuitive web-based interface and a wealth of tightly integrated management tools.

Web Server Hosting

Xaccel offers Linux and Windows web hosting with a Plesk based control panel, Microsoft SQL / Mysql database support, PHP, Coldfusion, Ruby on Rails, Tomcat Java, PEAR Library Support and a ton of add-on applications.  Our systems enable you to harness the true power of our server platforms and enjoy the best performance for your hosting solution.

Anti-spam and Anti-virus Services

Xaccel offers our own Xantispam solution that works the way you want. Xantispam  is designed for complex environments where global spam filtering policies must be balanced with an individuals’ ability to have the final decision on what is and is not spam. Xantispam detects 98 % + of spam with a low false positive rate. Valid messages get through, the junk gets blocked. Xantispam uses a variety of techniques including keyword search, header analysis, message format analysis, Bayesian statistical analysis, blacklists, whitelists, greylists, open proxy lists, DNS verification, SpamAssassin™ content-filtering rules sender policy framework (SPF), custom rules and more. We offer the industry’s most complete and flexible anti-spam and anti-virus solution.

Backup and Restore Services

Xaccel Networks gives you  peace of mind with comprehensive backup and storage solutions that ensure your data is in good hands and always available. Expertise is on Your Side With our broad range of managed services, you avoid the need to make substantial upfront investments on infrastructure, and instead, you can devote those resources to your business.  Whether you need assistance with a virtual server or maintaining your communications and collaboration resources, rest assured that our managed hosting services are designed to lift the weight off your shoulders while you concentrate on the positive growth of your business.

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