Linux and Unix

Connecting to the Email Server

Relying on Linux drivers for our own servers, Xaccel hosted solution supports Scalix, Postfix, Sendmail, Imail, Qmail, Kerio, MDaemon, and Zimbra. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive provides a secure connection to the Linux or UNIX server and supports open source email and groupware servers that run on Linux. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive software is installed behind your firewall and connects to Linux and other UNIX-based servers via SMTP, POP or IMAP. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive supports scheduled archiving, as well as real-time or journal archiving for journal box-enabled Linux servers.

Managing the Archive

Managing the life cycle of corporate email data is infinitely easier when you allow Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive to automate your policies. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive allows the archive administrator to create and apply policies for entire departments, groups, or individual users. Archiving settings in Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive are extremely granular, able to archive from ‘message only’ to envelope archiving. Schedule when to clean up emails from the email server for each mailbox. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive also supports clustered servers—all the archive needs is a connection to one of the clustered servers. Allocate multiple repositories for hierarchical storage management. Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive self-monitors storage space and critical processes and sends alert messages to the administrator.

Indexing and Searching

Designed specifically for today’s high volume unstructured messaging environments and able to handle up to a terabyte of data per day, Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive creates an index for every piece of data that enters the archive.

Archive Access

Xaccel Enterprise Email Archive’s browser-based GUI is extremely intuitive. Our customers do not need to attend ‘archiving classes’ to understand layers of tabs, pop- ups, jargon or other unnecessary complications.

File Conversion Capability

Our unique file conversion tool allows you to return emails and attachments to their original format, in case you decide to eventually change your archiving system. With other archiving product vendors, once you use their product, your emails and attachments are stuck in their proprietary format.

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