Hybrid Virtual Hosting

Hybrid Virtual Hosting

The Best of Both Worlds

Mix and match your IT infrastructures resources in a hybrid hosting solution by Xaccel. Maybe you need dedicated hardware for your business logic and databases, with the fast, frictionless scalability of cloud computing hosting for your web servers and storage.

Your custom solution can be created within an enterprise-class cloud computing environment made up of our Public Cloud, Private Cloud, Automated Server Hosting services, and your legacy gear if you want, all running on the same secure network, all managed from a single web-accessed UI.

In addition, your legacy gear can be co-located in one of our data centers and cross-connected to complete your hybrid solution.

Worried about having all your eggs in one basket?

On-site Replication Server

Xaccel has developed a line of SAN servers with our custom sync software that can be installed on the customer premises and set-up to replicate all virtual servers out of the cloud. Replication can be set-up to be real-time or on a scheduled interval. Combine this server with an onsite ESX server and you have full disaster recovery failover functionality.

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