Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions

When most people think of a disaster, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes, floods and other natural occurrences are pictured.  However, in many cases, the most significant threats to any business originate from within the organization.  Perfect examples would be hardware failure, theft by a disgruntled employee, the accidental deletion of critical information, network intrusion or an untimely fire in the facility.  Considering the unpredictability of these instances, disaster recovery and business continuity planning become two vital strategies no organization can afford to be without.

At Xaccel Networks, we have disaster recovery and business continuity services that will create the reliable environment your business needs to carry on with its mission-critical operations in the midst of service interruptions.  Leveraging a state of the art SASE 16 SOC 3 and HIPPA certified hosting facilities, our solutions provide a secure, flexible IT setting capable of addressing your most sensitive and complex operational requirements.

Expert Planning Advisors to Help Satisfy Your Business Continuity Objectives

All clients who select Xaccel Networks for their recovery and continuity endeavors receive the following benefits:

– The freedom to custom build a solution tailored for their specific budget and requirements.

– Expert engineers that design, implement, and manage a solution designed for their specific business needs.

– The ability to scale the solution as their disaster recovery and business continuity objectives change.

– A proven IT infrastructure to help prevent service interruptions and data loss that could possibly result in the loss of clients, revenue and credibility.

Our seasoned team of engineers can walk with you every step of the way by making recommendations about your existing systems, network and security infrastructure – all to help you prepare for the unexpected and continuously run your business despite disaster.

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