Dedicated Internet Access


DSL is an affordable, high-speed, always on Internet connection. It is up to 10x faster than ISDN and up to 50x faster than a 28.8kbps analog modem. Because DSL is always on there is no more waiting for a connection, no more busy signals, no more having to go on-line to check e-mail. It is always there – just one click away and at a flat monthly fee.

DSL allows businesses to cancel their multiple dial-up connections. All of your employees can access the Internet and their e-mail at the same time and quicker than ever before.

DSL works through your office or home PC (with an Ethernet NIC) connected to a DSL modem. That modem is wired to a DSL circuit, which your local phone company installs at your location. That circuit is connected via phone lines to another DSL circuit that resides at the Central Office (CO) of your local phone company. Typical installation time (from order to actual service date) is four to six weeks.

Why choose as your DSL provider? specializes in data. We provide business-quality service that is reliable and up-gradable as your service needs grow. We provide true line speed throughput. We under-subscribe our services. This ensures optimal performance over our fast, private, nationwide ATM backbone network. offers a complete solution. We provide everything you need including circuit and equipment ordering, installation and customer support. offers several different types of DSL from several different providers. This allows our customers the greatest flexibility in determining which service best suits their needs in terms of availability to their location, speed and type of DSL.

ADSL – Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Lines (faster download than upload speed) are an inexpensive way to get very fast Internet access. ADSL uses the same line as your voice service. offers ADSL services for both residential and business use. offers our customers a static IP address which enables them to access their computers remotely.

SDSL – Synchronous Digital Subscriber Lines (equally fast download and upload speeds) are generally more expensive than ADSL, however it offers customers guaranteed bandwidth – you get what you are paying for – as well as a more secure connection in that you are not sharing the bandwidth with other DSL customers. With DSL customer traffic is kept separate and isolated to the telephone company’s Central Office (CO) connection point. Traffic from one user’s DSL connection is never visible on another customer’s DSL network.

SDSL is widely used by businesses. It is also available to residences through frequent promotions that make it more affordable for home use.

Unfortunately DSL is not available everywhere. Everyday more COs are “lit” allowing you to use DSL in your home or office. If you have tried to get DSL before and it wasn’t available give us a call and we will check for you again.


While T1’s are starting to be phased out, it many rural areas this service is the only option because of distance limitations on other types of service. Xaccel offers predetermined levels of bandwidth (128Kbps, 256Kbps, 384Kbps, 512Kbps, 768 Kbps, on up to 1.5Mpbs) for a fixed monthly fee. T-1’s afford clients Quality of Service (QoS, traffic control) standards, which expedites mission-critical application data while cost-effectively and optimally sharing network resources with non-critical applications. QoS also ensures available bandwidth and minimum delays required by time-sensitive multimedia and voice applications. Additionally, it gives network managers control over their network applications, improves cost-efficiency of WAN connections, and enables advanced differentiated services.

Xaccel T-1 Bonding uses various proven technologies to bond as many as eight T-1 lines together to form one logical channel. Thus, we can deliver up to 12 Mbps of Internet Access.

T-1 service offers reliable, cost-effective Internet access with guaranteed bandwidth. Upgrades are quick, easy, and hassle free. This option allows your company to start with a low monthly price and grow your bandwidth as your business grows.

Ethernet (EoC) or Ethernet (Fiber) 

For businesses that require high speed connectivity between locations, Xaccel’s Ethernet Solutions offer a simple and cost-effective solution for high bandwidth connectivity. We offer network speeds from 10 Mbit/sec up to 10 Gbit/sec. We also offer a multipoint to multipoint product in bandwidths of up to 100 GB. All Ethernet services can be offered as layer two with the ability to use VLAN technology transparently across them.

Cost Effective

Ethernet is less complex and much for flexible that Frame Relay or ATM Networks. Because the service is Ethernet based, there is no costly routing equipment.

Redundant Connectivity

Xaccel can offer customers with diverse last mile carriers connection to give them the best redundant connectivity with no single point of failure. Our redundant solution works with our routers to give you the same features of running your own BGP network to the Internet but without the huge expense of  high end BGP equipment.