Backup & Storage

Affordable Enterprise-Class Backup & Storage Services

As information technology continues to evolve, so do the complexities associated with data storage and backup requirements. Xaccel Networks specializes in custom data storage and backup solutions that can meet your individual business requirements at affordable rates.

Backup & Storage

Our cost-effective solutions are designed to increase the availability of your data, while protecting those vital business assets from accidental loss or destruction. With a fully managed storage capacity, flexible backup and restoration services, and dedicated technical expertise, we are here to help you address the fast growing data requirements of your business.

Backup and Storage Benefits

Choosing Xaccel Networks for your backup and storage needs comes with many benefits. Customers who select us as their service partner receive:

– Instant access to proprietary-designed storage capacity that can be easily scaled to accommodate positive business growth.

– Full support for next-generation capacity-intensive files and applications.

– Reliable SASE 16 SOC 3 and HIPPA compliant data center to facilitate speedy disaster recovery and business continuity efforts.

– Secure storage environment to ensure the highest level of protection and integrity of mission-critical business data.

On-demand Backup and Storage Solution

Xaccel Networks offers Xbackup solutions based on the award winning StoreGrid backup software tailored to grow right alongside your company, giving you the ability to respond promptly to the fast changing business market. Our backup and storage services are completely modular, meaning you can choose the capacity and options best suited for your needs. As your needs change, we will work with you to recreate a solution that is able to fully support those demands.

Prices start at $9.99 per month for Xaccel Home Backup with 20gig’s of storage.

Xaccel Corporate Backup start at $19.99 per month with 20gig’s of storage + $9.99 for each add-on plugin.

List of add-on plugins:

  • Plugin for Exchange Server Backup
  • Plugin for UNLIMITED number of Exchange Server Mailboxes
  • Plugin for SQL Server Backup
  • Plugin for MySQL Server Backup
  • Plugin for Disk Image Backups (Bare-metal backup)
  • Plugin for MS SharePoint Backup

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